Monday, November 15, 2010

SIO: Toitey Tourney

The 2010 Southern Idaho Open
The Southern Idaho Open on Saturday, November 13 was a success for the Wood River contingent.  We arrived, awake, and awaiting the start of the first round.  We all had used the toilet before the trip began at my house.  One of my students, Nick Bruck, my son, Desmond, and one of his friends, Jake Whitlock all looked forward to what the games would offer us.

Once the chess matches started in the morning hours, the mammalian circadian rhythms took over and like clockwork the one-stalled bathroom of the Obenchain Building began to see more activity than the chess room.  As the men try their best to not eat 15-20 minutes of their G/60 time, they rush to void themselves of the ultimate chess distraction.  It sometimes looks like the march of the penguins with heads bowed in thoughts of the next move.

As the low-flush capacity of the facilities could not withstand the onslaught of chess players in very regular intervals, the toilet had had enough by round 2 and regurgitated its last load.  The offender must have had very little time left on his clock as he neglected to tell anyone, and further did not take the moment to stop the flush.  It continued to flush and empty onto the floor.  I was the first on the crime scene and had to rectify the situation.  I stopped the flow but there was already inches of water covering the entire floor and seeping under the wall to the adjacent rooms.
Me and Des paired for Round 1
During Round 1, I was paired with Desmond and decided to open with b4.  The orangutan.  He gave me a look of disgust as I moved, but by move 4 I snaked a bishop because he did not block the check with his knight and used his pawn instead.  After that blunder, he slowed down and was much more of a challenge.  Barry put a sign on the door of the bathroom, "Closed due to stupidity."
Nick Bruck, my protege'
During Round 2, it was my turn to blunder.  In the end game, I offered a rook exchange with Nick which he happily accepted.  He was a pawn up and my king was two files away.  His king began threatening my chain of pawns and all I could do was hope he messed up as many scholastic players do in end game.  Nick would not have anything to do with mistakes today.  I now felt constipated.

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Last game with only seconds left on Jay's clock
Round 3 was exciting for me.  Not for my game, but for Desmond's and Nick's.  Desmond played a very solid game against Jay Simonson through the end game.  Black Bishops and equal numbers of pawns.  Jay only had seconds left to Desmond's 15 minutes.  At one point, in a display of great sportsmanship, Desmond reminded Jay to hit the clock.  I don't think most of the players watching would have been so gracious.  Or, maybe they would, as everyone is very friendly?  I was very proud of Desmond playing one of the longest games he ever has, nearly 2 hours.  Nick also made me proud to be his coach and friend.  He beat Jamie Lang in a long but decisive game.  Barry took his sign down and there were sighs of relief.
Kevin, Jay, and I hold an informal ICA meeting
In the last round, I faced off with Scott Featherston.  After losing my game to Nick, I was a bit competitive and decided to go on a queen hunt when Scott snatched one of my offered pawns with her.  I checked him with my knight and forked his queen.  And then rampaged to the end.  I finally got to use the bathroom and then watched Jake offer his rook to Jay in order to remove a guarding bishop.  Jay took the bait and Jake got checkmate.

Jeff Roland and Tom Booth
Nick ended with a perfect tournament and $63 in pocket.  I tied for 2nd place (actually got 3rd due to tie-breakers) with 3.0 pts.  Desmond scored 2.0 pts. and Jake got his first win in an ICA event.  Caleb Kircher wins > 1400 with a perfect score, as well.  To experience more of the games go to the ICA results link.
Caleb Kircher
Open Section
1Caleb Paul KircherID1650W6W2W8W541st
2Gene L. TatomID1600W9L1W7D42nd-3rd (tie)
3Tom R. BoothID1567D7D4D5W82nd-3rd (tie)
4Barry D. EackerID1600D5D3-H-D224th
5Glen Buckendorf, Jr.ID1800D4D7D3L1
6Hugh S. MyersID1533L1L8W9D7
7Jeffrey T. RolandID1724D3D5L2D6Book
8Fred BartellID1618-H-W6L1L3
9Aleksandr VereshchaginID1296L2-B-L6-N-1

U1400 Section
1Nick Jon BruckID1097W9W3W5W241st
2Kevin D. NessID1290W6W10W4L132nd-4th (tie)
3Adam PorthID1255W7L1W8W632nd-4th (tie)
4Kevin R. PattersonID1243W12W5L2W732nd-4th (tie)
5Jamie LangID1376W8L4L1W102Book
6Scott FeatherstonID803L2W11W10L32
7Desmond PorthID669L3W9W12L42
8Katie Rae PattersonID956L5W12L3W92
9Dan Lee Daggett, IIIDUnr.L1L7W11L81
10Carmen Elizabeth PemslerID1122W11L2L6L51
11Jake WhitlockID218L10L6L9W121
12Jay L. SimonsonID657L4L8L7L110

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