Saturday, January 22, 2011

Get Fired Up! West Jordan Scholastic

West Jordan Scholastic Tournament
Please remember that we have won this tournament the previous 2 years and we definitely want the third year, as well.  So practice this week and support one another!  Please see this link for last years trip.

Roster(so far):
High School Section
Nick Bruck (rm. 1)
Andrew Uriarte (rm. 5)
Shane Bruess (rm. 5)
Miles Hendrix (rm. 1)
Nicole Lichtenberg (rm. 2)
Alex Bates (rm. 5)
Chris Ellis (rm. 1)

Junior High Section
Desmond Porth (rm. 3)
Riley Neel (rm. 3)
Jake Whitlock (rm. 3)
Riley Clark (rm. 2)
Hunter Frye (rm. 3)

4-5th Section
Dylan Porth (rm. 2)

K-3rd Section
Darwin Porth (rm. 4)

Total Cost Paid in full by Wednesday:
Hotel + travel $40
Planetarium $13
Tournament $10
Other Spending money for food

We will have continental Breaky for Saturday AM
Bannanas, a case of water, some soda, and pretzels for snacks (this place usually has a vender at the tourney)
Hotel:  Best Western Cottonwood (with pool)
Accomodations:  Please note there are two queen-sized beds in each room.  Bring a sleeping bag if you don't want to share a bed (or you can pay more and I will secure a room with fewer people).  There will be 4 per room.

Here is the itinerary for this next week:
Practice scoring
Work on Ruy Lopez and Colle-Zuckertort openings

Chess etiquette (for the new guys)
Pay tournament fees

Friday (no school)
Bus leaves WRHS at 2:00 pm
Dinner on Road (don't forget our stop for deep-fried gizzards!)
Arrive at Best Western Cottonwood 7ish
Leave for downtown and planetarium 8:30 pm
Clark Planetarium IMAX Green Hornet in 3d (cost:  $13)

Breaky at Hotel starts at 6 am
Leave at 7:30
Arrive at WJHS at 8:00
Play starts at 8:30 am
Mall trip
Leave for home around 5 pm
Arrive about 10ish

Remember the Sword?  NO SWORDS!

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