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Tata Steel Chess Tournament Results and Standings

Tata Steel Chess Tournament

Wijk aan Zen, Netherlands
GrandMaster Schedule:  Group A

Round 10 News:  This board about sums up Round 10 action.  At times it was very complicated and only the master's could see moves like 24. Bh5.  This board shows Viswanathan Anand v. Alexei Shirov.

Round 9 was not explosive by any means, however, Anand and Nakamura, the leaders faced off and settled for a draw.  This allowed Aronian and Kramnik to join them in the top position in a four-way tie for the first seat at 6 pts. Aronian admitted that he played like a "patzer" during his game.  A patzer is a person new to chess, or someone who has no clue what they are doing.   After a closed game between Carlsen and France's Maxime Vachier-LaGrave, Carlsen offered a draw on move 42 which was peacefully accepted.  

Round 8 News:  Magnus Carlsen beats Hikaru Nakamura and Nakamura really missed out on a chance to further his lead from yesterday's round 7 win against Jan Smeets.  Carlsen's game is getting stronger after the dismal start as I expected and is only 1/2 pt. behind the leaders.   Viswanathan Anand and Nakamura are now tied with 5.5 pts.  Anish Giri also scored a point and is at 4 pts.  This is a pretty exciting tournament.

Round 1 - Saturday the 15th
R. Ponomariov - V. Anand0-1
E. l'Ami - A. Giri½-½
J. Smeets - A. Shirov1-0
M. Carlsen - L. Aronian½-½
H. Nakamura - A. Grischuk1-0
M. Vachier-Lagrave - Wang Hao½-½
I. Nepomniachtchi - V. Kramnik½-½
Round 2 - Sunday the 16th
V. Anand - V. Kramnik½-½
Wang Hao - I. Nepomniachtchi0-1
A. Grischuk - M. Vachier-Lagrave½-½
L. Aronian - H. Nakamura½-½
A. Shirov - M. Carlsen½-½
A. Giri - J. Smeets½-½
R. Ponomariov - E. l'Ami½-½
Round 3 - Monday the 17th
E. l'Ami - V. Anand½-½
J. Smeets - R. Ponomariov0-1
M. Carlsen - A. Giri0-1
H. Nakamura - A. Shirov1-0
M. Vachier-Lagrave - L. Aronian½-½
I. Nepomniachtchi - A. Grischuk½-½
V. Kramnik - Wang Hao½-½
Round 4 - Tuesday the 18th
V. Anand - Wang Hao1-0
A. Grischuk - V. Kramnik½-½
L. Aronian - I. Nepomniachtchi1-0
A. Shirov - M. Vachier-Lagrave0-1
A. Giri - H. Nakamura½-½
R. Ponomariov - M. Carlsen½-½
E. l'Ami - J. Smeets½-½
Round 5 - Thursday the 20th
J. Smeets - V. Anand0-1
M. Carlsen - E. l'Ami1-0
H. Nakamura - R. Ponomariov½-½
M. Vachier-Lagrave - A. Giri½-½
I. Nepomniachtchi - A. Shirov½-½
V. Kramnik - L. Aronian½-½
Wang Hao - A. Grischuk1-0
Round 6 - Friday the 21st
V. Anand - A. Grischuk½-½
L. Aronian - Wang Hao½-½
A. Shirov - V. Kramnik0-1
A. Giri - I. Nepomniachtchi0-1
R. Ponomariov - M. Vachier-Lagrave½-½
E. l'Ami - H. Nakamura0-1
J. Smeets - M. Carlsen0-1
Round 7 - Saturday the 22nd
M. Carlsen - V. Anand½-½
H. Nakamura - J. Smeets1-0
M. Vachier-Lagrave - E. l'Ami½-½
I. Nepomniachtchi - R. Ponomariov½-½
V. Kramnik - A. Giri1-0
Wang Hao - A. Shirov½-½
A. Grischuk - L. Aronian0-1
Round 8 - Sunday the 23rd
V. Anand - L. Aronian½-½
A. Shirov - A. Grischuk1-0
A. Giri - Wang Hao1-0
R. Ponomariov - V. Kramnik½-½
E. l'Ami - I. Nepomniachtchi½-½
J. Smeets - M. Vachier-Lagrave0-1
M. Carlsen - H. Nakamura1-0
Round 9 - Tuesday the 25th
H. Nakamura - V. Anand½-½
M. Vachier-Lagrave - M. Carlsen½-½
I. Nepomniachtchi - J. Smeets0-1
V. Kramnik - E. l'Ami1-0
Wang Hao - R. Ponomariov1-0
A. Grischuk - A. Giri½-½
L. Aronian - A. Shirov1-0
Round 10 - Wednesday the 26th
V. Anand - A. Shirov1-0
A. Giri - L. Aronian½-½
R. Ponomariov - A. Grischuk1-0
E. l'Ami - Wang Hao0-1
J. Smeets - V. Kramnik½-½
M. Carlsen - I. Nepomniachtchi0-1
H. Nakamura - M. Vachier-Lagrave1-0
Round 11 - Friday the 28th
M. Vachier-Lagrave - V. Anand½-½
I. Nepomniachtchi - H. Nakamura0-1
V. Kramnik - M. Carlsen0-1
Wang Hao - J. Smeets½-½
A. Grischuk - E. l'Ami½-½
L. Aronian - R. Ponomariov½-½
A. Shirov - A. Giri½-½
Round 12 - Saturday the 29th
V. Anand - A. Giri½-½
R. Ponomariov - A. Shirov½-½
E. l'Ami - L. Aronian½-½
J. Smeets - A. Grischuk0-1
M. Carlsen - Wang Hao1-0
H. Nakamura - V. Kramnik½-½
M. Vachier-Lagrave - I. Nepomniachtchi1-0
Round 13 - Sunday the 30th
I. Nepomniachtchi - V. Anand½-½
V. Kramnik - M. Vachier-Lagrave½-½
Wang Hao - H. Nakamura½-½
A. Grischuk - M. Carlsen½-½
L. Aronian - J. Smeets½-½
A. Shirov - E. l'Ami½-½
A. Giri - R. Ponomariov½-½

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