Friday, January 21, 2011

What the heck? They sent this out today!

I certainly would have applied for a field trip for my students!  This is a big bummer!

World  Chess Hall of Fame and Museum Celebrates Chess at Sundance,
Supports Debut  of Bobby Fischer Against the  World
World Chess Grandmasters gather for screening of award-nominated Liz  Garbus’
HBO Documentary Film and gallery exhibit celebrating the game’s rich  history
ST.  LOUIS, January 20, 2011 – To support the premiere of Liz Garbus’ highly-anticipated HBO Documentary  Film, Bobby Fischer Against the  World , debuting at the Sundance Film Festival this week, the World Chess  Hall of Fame and Museum will bring chess to the Park City spotlight and  celebrate the game’s rich historical and cultural impact on society.
Following  the film’s debut, the World Chess Museum will host a special gallery event  showcasing an array of 25 original, limited-edition Bobby Fischer photographs  shot by renowned Scottish photojournalist, Harry Benson. The photos are  exclusively featured in the documentary and will be on display at the Thomas  Kearns McCarthey Gallery. The exhibit is free and will be open to the public  during the Festival, January 20 – 22, 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. and January 24, 11 a.m. –  7 p.m.
“We  are very proud to support the debut of this film at the Sundance Film Festival  to create some well-deserved excitement for chess,” says Susan Barrett, Director  of the World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum. “We want to let people know they  don’t have to be an expert player to appreciate how the game has impacted our  culture, and that they can learn more by visiting the museum when it  opens.”
In  addition to the film debut, four notable Chess Grandmasters will be on-hand  throughout the Festival offering one-on-one tips and playing chess with  passers-by, including local Utah chess students and Garbus.   Grandmasters on site  include:
·          GM  Jennifer Shahade ,  author and two-time American Women’s Chess Champion (2002,  2004)
·          GM  Joel Benjamin ,  who became a national grandmaster at the age of 13, breaking Bobby Fischer’s  record for youngest-ever master
·          GM  Alexander Shabalov ,  four-time U.S. Champion (2007, 2003, 1997 and 1993)
·          GM  Iryna Zenyuk ,  women’s International Master and the first woman to win the Jerry Simon Memorial  (2006)
The  World Chess Museum will open in St. Louis this September and feature a variety  of exhibits, historical background on the game and an opportunity to further the  growing popularity of chess.
Bobby  Fischer Against the World is directed and produced by Garbus, and is featured on the Documentary Premieres  section at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. The film explores the complex life  of the troubled genius whose charisma and talent spurred a worldwide fascination  with the “game of kings.”   Fischer’s  evolution from childhood to chess prodigy, global superstar, angry recluse and  finally fugitive from the law is a spellbinding story of the making and unmaking  of an American icon.  
The  film will debut on Friday, January 21 at 11:30 a.m. at the Park City Library.  There will be a reception to follow with Benson, Garbus and the four Chess  Grandmasters from 1:30 to 3:30pm at the Thomas Kearns McCarthey  Gallery.
“Like  the film’s subject, chess has risen to the foreground of pop culture,” says  Garbus. “Many children, teens and adults play chess, whether at their leisure,  in a club or professionally – it is great to showcase the game and one of the  true chess icons here at Sundance.”
For  more information, visit the Chess Hall of Fame and Museum on Facebook, www.WorldChessMuseum.organd
About  the World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum
In  September 2011, St. Louis will continue to celebrate the great game of chess  with the opening of the World Chess Hall of Fame and Museum directly across the  street from the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. They chose St.  Louis due to the success and growing international reputation of the city's  recently opened Chess Club.
This  historic 15,000 square-foot building will feature the U.S. and World Chess Hall  of Fame, displays of artifacts from the museum’s permanent collection and  temporary exhibitions highlighting the great players, historic games and rich  cultural history of chess. The Museum will partner with the Chess Club and  Scholastic Center of Saint Louis to provide innovative programming, instruction  and outreach to a broad local, national and international audience of both  novices and experts alike.

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