Sunday, January 2, 2011

Santa's Bughouse

Just before we left on Winter Break, the WRHS Chess Club held the Christmas Blitzkrieg and the Santa's Bughouse chess tournaments.  The Blitz did not work out due to conflicts with a short school-day and the senior project presentations so we will reschedule the Blitz Championship at another time.  
2010 Santa's Bughouse
On Wednesday, however, seven teams squared off for the Bughouse Championship (Santa's Bughouse).  Although, there was no appearance by Santa Claus this year, the tournament successfully crowned Andrew Uriarte and Chris Ellis Bughouse Champions for a second year in a row with 11.0 pts.  The tournament was a double-round robin and  featured newcomers and veteran players.  The tournament climaxed in a tense and excruciating ending that sent Nick to the computer searching in vain for an acceptable TD ruling.  The final game had Nick checking Andrew, and Andrew check-mating Nick with only seconds left on the clock.  Bughouse rules state that the game is over if the king is taken, the flag falls or checkmate.

Here are the results:
Andrew-Chris      11
Miles-Nick           10
Adam-Shane        7
Des-Jake              7
Alex-Stephen        5
Riley-Riley            1
Dylan-Timmy        1
Bughouse (more like Crazy-house!)
Nick and Miles finish Team Riley
The Final Four

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